Week 31: Tuesday – God Qualifies Whom He Calls

WEEK 31 : Tuesday (God Qualifies Whom He Calls)

“I’m not perfect. Just forgiven.”

“Pardon me, my lord,” Gideon replied, “but how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family. The LORD answered, “I will be with you…” – Judges 6:15-16 (NIV)

An Indian legend tells of a man who carried water to his village every day, in two large jars tied to the ends of a wooden pole, which he balanced on his back.

One of the jars had some small cracks, whereas the other had no cracks; every time the man covered the distance to his house, half of the water was lost.

For two years, the man made the same journey. The jar with no cracks was always very proud of its performance, safe in the knowledge that it was up to the mission it had been made for, because he never spilled water. While the other jar was mortified with shame at only fulfilling half of its allotted task, even though it knew that those cracks were the result of many years of hard work.

It was so ashamed that one day, while the man got ready to fetch water from the well, it decided to speak to him:

“I want to apologize, but because of the many years of service, you are only able to deliver half of my load, and quench half of the thirst which awaits you at your home.”

The man smiled, and said: “When we return, observe carefully the path.”

And so it did. And the jar noticed that, on its side, many flowers and plants grew.

The man said, “See how nature is more lovely on your side? I always knew you were cracked, and decided to make use of this fact. I planted flowers and vegetables, and you have always watered them. I have picked many roses to decorate my house with, I have fed my children with lettuce, cabbage and onions. If you were not as you are, how could I have done that?”

The Lord did not directly address the issues that Gideon raised – his weakness and insignificance. Rather, God gave him the three best assurances of all: (1) that God was going to use him, (2) that He will be with Him, (3) that it’s all about Him.

There’s no crack too big that He cannot use. Offer your cracks and your all to the Lord with loving obedience and He’ll use you for His glory.

– Author Unknown


One comment

  1. ANITA

    AMEN——–which part of my life im so broken their God use me whom I cant pathom ,how gracious our God really is!IN EVERY BROKENNESS THEIR’S BLESSING AWAITS US!

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