Week 31: Thursday – God Qualifies Whom He Calls

WEEK 31 : THURSDAY (God Qualifies Whom He Calls)

“There are many diseases of the body which are incurable. But, thank God! There are no incurable diseases of soul.” – J. C. Ryle

“My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart You, God, will not despise.” – Psalm 51:17 (NIV)

He was a drunkard, a gambler, a womanizer, a thief who stole from his father and friends, a liar. He was imprisoned for not paying hotel bills at 16 years old. He excelled in theology school but “cared nothing about the Word of God.”

How could such a man, named George Muller, be called The Apostle of Faith, who later on fed and educated 123,000 orphans, gave away 275,000 Bibles in different languages; aided missions to the extent of £255,000, supported 189 missionaries, and employed 112 assistants?

George Muller shares his experience when he joined a prayer gathering that changed his heart forever: (abridged version)

“…As I did not know the manners of the brethren, and the joy they have in seeing poor sinners, I made an apology for coming. The kind answer of this dear brother I shall never forget. He said: ‘Come as often as you please; house and heart are open to you.’” They read the Bible, they prayed, they sang a hymn… George said, “I was happy though if I had been asked why I was happy, I could not clearly have explained it.”

“I said to Beta all our former pleasures are as nothing in comparison with this evening. I lay peaceful and happy in my bed. I have not the least doubt that on that evening He began a work of grace in me. My wicked companions were given up; the going to taverns was discontinued; the habitual practice of telling falsehoods was no longer indulged in…I now no longer lived habitually in sin…. I read the Scriptures, prayed often, loved the brethren, went to church from right motives and stood on the side of Christ.”

Muller reached his turning point when he finally learned to humble himself and surrender to a loving village who loved God. Find a village that you can be part of who can encourage you and draw you closer to the Lord.


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