Week 40: Thursday – Spiritual Disciplines for the Overwhelmed

WEEK 40 : THURSDAY (Spiritual Disciples for the Overwhelmed)

“Superficiality is the curse of our age. The doctrine of instant satisfaction is a primary spiritual problem. The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people , or gifted people, but for deep people.” – Richard Foster

SCRIPTURE: James 4:8a

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”


Donald S. Whitney – author of Spiritual Discipline for Christian Life …tells a story about his grandparents.

When my mother’s parents married on March 29, 1919, they moved into a small house near a community outside Tupelo, Mississippi. Their home had no electricity, telephone, or radio. It was quiet.

After my grandfather went to the fields in the morning, the only sounds he heard all day were those of God’s creation or the ones he himself made- the crunch of the plow in the ground, his cries of “gee or haw” to the mules ,and his singing. Back in the farmhouse , the only sounds my grandmother herd were the ones she made while working around the house , or the sounds of God’s creation- the birds, the wind- that came through the open windows. They were alone with their thoughts and their God all day long.

If my grandparents wanted information, conversation , or music, they had to make a special effort, hitching up the team and taking a long ride in an open, bumpy wagon. Mostly, this happened on Saturday when they did their weekly business- “trading” they called it- in town. The majority of the music they heard was in church.

• Our experience is just the opposite.
Friends or families go out to eat together and their conversation is distracted by loud music and TVs in every corner. Children riding in a vehicle watch TV or listen to music on their headphones, while their parents listen to something else on the radio. It’s hard to go anyplace void of music, TV, or personal messages mediated by technology. Portable electronics allow us to perpetually surround ourselves with sound. Whereas my grandparents had to make an effort to break the silence and hear news or music, we have to make an effort to avoid information and entertainment. And sometimes we need to- for the HEALTH OF OUR SOULS.

• So turn off the radio in the car for a day or two.
• Sit outside after dinner and talk or read.
• Spend an evening without the TV, internet and any technological devices.

RECOVER the physically and spiritually RE-CREATIVE power of silence.

Friends, it’s “good to sing praises to our God.”

Here are Ten reasons why it’s good to sing when you alone before the Lord:

1. It’s good because the Bible says it’s “ good to sing praises to our God” Psalm 147:1

2. It’s good because it helps you to “ sing to Him a new song” Psalm 33:3

3. Its’ good because the Bible says to sing “ psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” Eph. 5:19

4. It’s good because it nourishes your soul as only the words God inspired for us to sing can do.

5. It’s good because it expresses to the Lord what’s in your heart in a divinely appointed way

6. It’s good because singing God’s Word reinforces His truth in your heart and mind.

7. It’s good because, along with your mind, it involves your body and soul, making for a more whole- person worship of God.

8. It’s good because you learn to express yourself biblically.

9. It’s good because it’s bracing to your soul to sings words that are “ living and powerful” Hebrews 4:12

10. It’s good because you unite with what the people of God throughout the world have sung for thousands of years.


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