Week 42: Wednesday – The Power of Waiting


Patient waiting is often the highest way of doing God’s will. – Jeremy Collier

“We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.” – Hebrews 6:12

Faith and patience will always go together. There is no faith when there is no patience, there is no patience, when there is no faith. But when we have both faith and patience, God’s will is accomplished. The Enemy of our souls waits for us to become impatient, for when we do, He can then lead us into making some foolish and stupid decisions, missing God’s will, and that spells out disaster for our lives.

For example:

When a businessman gets impatient with the slow flow of income, he can be tempted to compromise and cheat.

When a single person gets desperate and impatient with God’s plan for a lifetime partner, the single person may settle with anybody even if that anybody is sent by the devil himself.

When a married couple gets impatient with one another’s flaws and weaknesses, then they will break the covenant of marriage they have made with God and the whole family suffers.

Warren Wiersbe in his book The Strategy of Satan said that impatience really is a mark of immaturity.  Children are usually impatient. You can’t ask the child to sit long enough or to stay in one place.  Their question is always how long do we have to wait? And their motto is that three-letter-word,  NOW!!!  When we find ourselves responding in impatience, God is actually calling us to grow!

Impatience is also a mark of unbelief. Just like Abraham and Sarah, because at first they could not believe that God could and would give them a son at a very old age, they made the foolish decision to ‘help’ God! When we don’t believe in God’s promise, then we will go ahead of God. When we can’t trust in God’s good plans, then we will make our own. The ending is often tragic.

Lastly, Wiersbe said impatience is a mark of fleshly living. The flesh is always impatient. But the fruit of the Holy Spirit is patience.

When we find ourselves impatient, we can be sure that Satan and the flesh is at work, and that we are in danger of making a wrong decision, of missing God’s will.

In the end, impatience always has a consequence. While waiting in patience for God’s will has its highest reward.

When we look at God’s great men who accomplished God’s beautiful will in their lives–they all have one common denominator–they all learned to wait patiently.

Noah had to wait 120 years before the promised rain came. That is a long time to be patient. Abraham waited 15 years to have a son. Moses waited 40 years in the desert, and then another 40 years leading the Israelites across the Desert to the Promised Land–but he was not able to enter the Promised Land because he became impatient with God’s people–it actually took Him thousands of years before he could set his foot in the Promised Land when Jesus brought him in the mount of transfiguration!  David had to wait for years as a fugitive, running for his life, before he became King.  And even Jesus had to go through the “Silent Years”.  We read His story when He was a baby, then when He was 2 years old, then when He was twelve, but after that, nothing!  His story begins again when he was 30 years old! Jesus had to wait for the plans of the Father to unfold!

For sure, patient waiting is never a walk in the park, it is uncomfortable and definitely painful, but with faith and patience, those who wait will never fail to experience the power of God!