Week 51: Wednesday


The God we come to love and serve is a God of purpose and intention. He, like the wind, blows wherever he pleases. Mankind finds his purpose and reason in God. To follow God’s reason and purpose is wisdom for the man. He works his purposes in us, through us, and inspite of us.

Having the wisdom of God is like a boy who went into the forest, not getting lost, but arriving safely to his destination because he listened to directions of the experiences of others who went through the forest as well. It is a tried and tested path.

The book of James said that we are going to encounter challenges and part of that is because we do not know all things. We need humility and practice respect for others.

James 4:13-15
Now listen you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make momey. Why, you don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will do this or that.”

That is the reason James told us to come to God for wisdom when we don’t have it. It is God who gives it generously. Then we come to him and believe what he says.

In the darkest part of the night, a ship’s captain cautiously piloted his warship through the fog shrouded waters. Witg straining eyes he scanned the hazy darkness, searching for dangers lurking just out of sight. His worst fears were realized when he saw a bright light straight ahead. It appeared to be a vessel on a collision course with his ship.

To avert disaster, he quickly radioed the oncoming vessel, “This is Captain Jeremiah Smith,” his voiced crackled over the radio. “Please alter your course 10° south! Over.”

To the captain’s amazement, the foggy image did not move. Instead, he heard back on the radio, “Captain Smith, this is Private Thomas Johnson. Please alter your course 10° north! Over.”

Appaled at the audacity of the message, the captain shouted back over the radio, “Private Johnson, this is Captain Smith, and I order you to immediately alter your course 10° south! Over.”

A second time, the oncoming light did not budge. “With all due respect Captain Smith,” came the private’s voice again. “I order you to alter your course immediately 10° north! Over.”

Angered and frustrated that this impudent sailor would endanger the lives of his men and crew, the captain growled ack over the radio, “Private Johnson! I can have you court martialed for this! For the last time. I command you in the authority of the United States Government to alter your course 10° south! I am a battleship!”

The private’s final transmission was chilling, “Captain Smith Sir, once again with due respect, i command you to alter your course 10° north! I am a lighthouse.”

God’s wisdom will give stability to those who would follow it. It gives people bearing in a stormy weather. And by relying on it, it gives a man maturity beyond his years. Power and influence are a vain hope to cling upon. If God’s wisdom is not upon the man, he will find himself crashing down upon the rock of ages.


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