Week 4: Tuesday – Beginning with an End in Mind


Beginning with an End in Mind

“What will a man get for killing this Philistine and stopping him from insulting our people? Who does that worthless Philistine think he is? He’s making fun of the army of the living God!”  –1 Samuel 17:26


The year was 1517, when a German professor named Martin Luther brought to discussion certain church practices prevailing at that time. Known as the 95 Theses, Luther couldn’t stand it anymore, witnessing his fellow men being enslaved with abuses of the truth, and the empty promises of salvation and seeking God’s presence.

Luther fought on to translate the Bible into German – making it accessible to the common man and helping a nation form its current native language. He wrote hundreds of catechisms and preached tirelessly, fueled with the hope that change must begin with the hearts and minds of the people through the Word of God. The Reformation then ushered people into respecting themselves as created in God’s image, and believing that he was given the mandate to discover and cultivate gifts and talents for God’s glory and making Him known to others.

The change began with a sense of dissatisfaction of the current situation. David himself couldn’t put up with Goliath disgracing God and His people. Nobody dared to face the giant because of fear. But one stood up, fighting for change.

What keeps you up in the night? What burdens do you carry for your fellow man? What are you dissatisfied with so bad you just want to change it?

Fight the status quo and begin this year with a heart that just longs to love God deeper – a love that translates to others, more and more.

Luther picked up his sling and stones when he brought forth the 95 Theses, and slew the giant named spiritual enslavement. Your sling and stones await you.


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