Week 9: Honor Mom & Dad (by Speaking with Love)



“If you insult your father or mother, your light will be snuffed out in total darkness.” -Proverbs 20:20


Words can either make or break. We can utter one simple word and it may cause a great impact on our parents. Choose to speak with love. Sometimes they need to hear from us. They may seem strong in our presence but at times they too are going through hard times in life. They may have lived long enough for us to think that they can handle life by themselves but the truth is that they too need a pat on the back and words that encourages. Words that expresses our love for them. Words that expresses our gratitude to them.

As one poem goes,

One kind word can heal a hurt
One kind word can warm the heart
One kind word can brighten a day
One kind word can build someone up
One kind word can mean a lot

One kind word shows we care
One kind word shows we’re there
One kind word shows us the face of happiness
One kind word shows us the joy of life
One kind word shows it can mean a lot

One kind word causes happiness
One kind word causes friendship
One kind word causes peace
One kind word causes love
One kind word causes joy*

Put a smile on Mom and Dad’s face. Say your words out of love because sometimes it’s not a matter of what we say but how we say it. Never say you’re too busy to talk to them.

Especially when they are old, show your appreciation to them. This is the right thing to do and it pleases the Lord.

“…when your mother is old, show her your appreciation.” Proverbs 23:22 (GNT)


 *An excerpt from One Kind Words. Source: http://www.teenink.com/poetry/free_verse/article/299548/One-Kind-Word/



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