Week 20: Tuesday


Romans 12

Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.


Gandhi shares his second advise to the missionary Dr. E. Stanley Jones so he can spread Christianity in India:

“Practice your religion without adulterating it or toning it down.”

Has the heaviness of your old fashioned church got you weighted down? Try us! We are the New and Improved Lite Church of the Valley. Studies have shown we have 24% fewer commitments than other churches. We guarantee to trim off guilt, because we are Low-Cal. Low Calvin, that is. We are the home of the 7.5% tithe. We promise 40-minute worship services, with 10-minute sermons. Next Sunday’s exciting sermon is the story of the Feeding of the 3,000. We have only 8 Commandments — You choose which ones apply each week. For our bible, we use just 3 gospels in our contemporary New Testament called: “Good Sound Bites for Modern Human Beings”. We take the offering every other week, all major credit cards accepted of course or use our easy payment plan. We are closed the first week of hunting season and football season. Yes, the New and Improved Lite Church of the Valley could be just what you are looking for. We are everything you want in a church…and less! — Author Unknown


Dr. Jones said this in reaction: “We don’t reject it; we reduce it – reduce it to a creed to be believed, or an emotion to be felt, or an institution to which we are to belong, or to a ceremony or rite to be undergone – anything but a life to be lived! We have inoculated the world with a mild form of Christianity so that it is now proof against the real thing…


“…The greatest Hindu leader says, Your faith doesn’t need to be changed; it doesn’t need to be added to or subtracted from; it needs to be believed as it is. If the first part of the suggestion about practicing sends us to our knees in penitence, the second part will keep us there in gratitude that we have a faith which doesn’t need to be changed but only needs to be lived…”


Worshipping God is loving Him.

Loving God is obeying Him.

Obeying Him is trusting Him.

Trusting Him is surrendering to Him.

Let’s worship Him with our lives.


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