A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

“So they went in a boat by themselves to a lonely place.” Mark 6:32

To ensure continuous long term growth and advancement in any physical training, one of the non-negotiable laws is the law of recovery. After a strenuous physical training, your body needs to recover.

One expert says, “When you sleep your body releases growth hormones and repairs the trauma done to your body [muscles, joints, central nervous system] during the training. If you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t go into the repair and renew cycle that your body hits at its third to fourth hour of slumber. Of course, everyone’s a little bit different, but you should have a minimum of six hours of snooze time per night.”
There’s also what they call periodization. Like after 8 to 12 weeks of continuous training, take one full week off.
In sports, they have their own off-seasons. They do not train all-year round. They have periods of rest. Seasons of recovery.

Everyday, we go into our ‘soul training’ routine. Week after week, month after month, year after year, the demands of life can leave a fray on our spirits. Add to that the pressure of a less than perfect job. The stress of our relationships. The crushing of parenting. The strain of every schedule. Our souls can easily start to grow weary. Yes, we can continue to operate, but we will just go through the motions. But there will be no more growth. And one day, we could crash down. Just a matter of time.

Just as our physical bodies were not meant to function properly without sleep and rest, our souls were never designed to merely ‘workout with heavy routines’ continuously without periods of recovery.

A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

God’s original habitat for us which is the EDEN — from the very beginning — included three gifts:

a friendship with the CREATOR (intimacy)
a GARDEN (responsibility)
a RELATIONSHIP (community)

The Garden of Eden was perfect because it afforded a balance to a life-draining routine. We may not have the literal geographical Eden any more today. But, God has provided another way: a true escape with Himself. We often feel guilty for not drawing close to God enough, but the truth is: God often finds us even in the most desolate places.
A woman named Hagar in Genesis 16, fed up of her distresses, ran to the desert. It was there that the Lord spoke to her. Again, God often finds us even in the most desolate places. After God spoke to her, she said: “You are the God who sees me” (Genesis 16:14). This is how Hagar found the strength to continue. She was refreshed. God recovered her. In the desert.

I don’t know if you’re tired when you started this week. But one thing I’m sure, our soul’s energy stores will not last that long. When our souls long for escape — from someone or something — we have an answer.
It isn’t try harder.
It isn’t perform more.
The answer is The God who sees me. The God who recovers me.
Wherever you find yourself this week, you are never so far that He cannot find you.
God will speak to you.


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