Week 27: Monday – Are you a Wall Builder?




You know very well what trouble we are in. Jerusalem lies in ruins and its gates have been destroyed by fire. Let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and end this disgrace. – Nehemiah 2:17


It was the 6th century BC and Jerusalem was taken over by the Persian Empire. The walls were broken and the gates were burned. History tells us that walls do not only serve as protection from invaders, but also a way of preserving a nation’s identity. When Jerusalem fell, not only were they conquered, they were also put to shame. The morale of the people has gone as low as it could have been. Previous attempts to rebuild the wall failed. All hope seemed to be out of reach. Some have given up, and some have forgotten the promise. Until a man named Nehemiah came.


Nehemiah served as a cupbearer to the king. Having a position of trust, honor and not to mention profit, what would a man have anything to do with a desolated city? He could have shrugged off the news of destruction of his ancestors’ homeland, and continue to live in comfort. But he did not forget who he was, and where he came from – Israel, a people of promise.


Instead, Nehemiah capitalized on the position God allowed him to reach, to be able to affect change. To use the power and influence he was given to serve God’s purposes and his fellow men. He dared to build the walls of the glorious and eternal kingdom, rather than stay on the bench and preserve what’s his.


Times may have changed, but the call to serve God and others does not end. All around us, walls remain broken. It could be a broken tire, a broken business, broken family, or even a broken church. Wherever you are, God placed you there so you could be used to rebuild. It might be big or small, nevertheless, a broken wall waiting to be rebuilt.


Which wall are you called to build?



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