Week 27: Wednesday – Are you a Wall Builder?




Then as I looked over the situation, I called together the nobles and the rest of the people and said to them, “Don’t be afraid of the enemy! Remember the Lord, who is great and glorious, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes! -Nehemiah 4:14


An optimist once said, “If things are going well, don’t worry, they won’t last.” After reaching the halfway point and working with enthusiasm, the trials started to build up. Being the leader, Nehemiah had to deal with ridicules thrown at them, plots of attack to confuse them, complains of his fellow men being tired, and to top it all off, a giving-up attitude by the workers.

They were surrounded from all sides, but Nehemiah knew that the secret of defeating the enemy outside lies in strengthening the people inside. Their prayer and work fused together, as they guarded the city day and night – a sword in one hand and shovel on the other. He also rallied the people, not by instilling fear, but by reminding them of their source of courage and love. Nehemiah reminded the people of what is at stake, if the wall was not completed. Not only would they suffer as a people, but the honor of their God would be tainted.

It is easy to choose to save oneself when faced with a tough decision. It is easy to jump ships when a company goes bankrupt or a church goes through a crisis. When the odds are stacked up against us, are we able to rally our fellow men to keep focus on the mission? Are we able to make a stand, not just for ourselves, but for others and for the sake of the mission?

In a world full of noise from different voices, what do they hear from you?




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