Week 35 (Day 3): Direction

Direction: a course along which someone or something moves.
We as humans like to talk about the future. One question that frequently comes up during our conversations is “Where are you going?”
The Scriptures have continually reminded us that life is like a race, and that we are run this race with perseverance. What Paul did with the games- just like he (and Jesus) did with everything else in life- was to see them in relation to God and to eternity. Paul was so consumed with Christ and the gospel that he couldn’t see anything without thinking of how it related to eternity and the great issues of the Christian life.  So he took the games and he taught the Christians to bring them into a different level, and to see in the games a reality very different than everyone else is seeing.
However, we can be running as fast as we can but we’re running in place. Thus, we’re not really getting anywhere.
On the other hand, perhaps, we are running fast but in the opposite direction, travel further and further away from our intended end goal.
Maybe you’re running around in circles.
Maybe you’ve been running on your lane but got sidetracked.
The Bible reminds us that each step we take has a specific purpose and direction:
1 Corinthians 9:26, NIV
Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.
1 Corinthians 9:26, NLT
So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing.
Rich Froning, a professional Crossfit athlete won the title “Fittest Man on Earth” four times with his first place finish in the 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Crossfit Games. He shares his journey in his autobiography :First”:
In the time after the 2010 Games, when Chip Pugh and Donovan Degrie asked me questions about my purpose in life, six years worth of events rolled up together to create one question.
If I die, what legacy am I going to leave?
I kept pondering the question.
If I die, what legacy am I going to leave?
I didn’t like the answer I came up with.
Crossfit would be my legacy?
I had gone to an extreme and allowed Crossfit to become my purpose. I had allowed it to take over who I was. I had become, in my own mind as well in the minds of others, Rich Froning the Crossfitter.
I just could not get away from the sense that I was meant to have a greater purpose in life than competing and coaching in Crossfit. I realized that if I were to die, people who didn’t know me or knew little about me would remember me only for Crossfit.
What really scared me, though, was the thought that if I were to die, even my own family, the people who knew me best and loved me most, might remember me more for Crossfit than anything else.
That was not the legacy I wanted to leave, and I determined to begin correcting that immediately.
I determined that my purpose was to bring glory to God in everything I do. Crossfit, I concluded, would no longer be about me, but a very public way I could go about glorifying God.
To earn the title “Fittest Man on Earth” one time is amazing but to have done so for four consecutive years is truly an admirable feat.
Rich Froning is a well renown Crossfitter. Crossfit athletes have and continue to train and beat their bodies to reach and go beyond his accomplishments. However, when Crossfit began his identity, it became more and more difficult to answer what is the legacy he would leave behind?  
Froning was running his race but he needed to change his direction.
The question to ask today is not just “Are you running the race?” … but rather, “Where are you going?” What direction are you moving towards?

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