Week 36: Monday – Living Passionately

Day 1 – Living Passionately
Take some time to watch this short video clip.
I know what you’re thinking – What does a guy on a skateboard have to do with passion?
For some who might not have much knowledge about skateboarding, watching the video clip might not have been impressive. For others, it might have caused their jaws to drop.
It’s amazing to watch how much a person could do with a piece of wood with wheels attached; it seems that the possibilities are endless!
Maybe at one point in time, whether it was recently or in earlier years, we wanted to learn how to skateboard. We thought it was cool, and thus, we wanted to learn cool tricks and show them off to our friends.
However, after weeks of training, we realized that skateboarding wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. As a result, some of us gave up trying to learn how to skateboard.
After watching the video, you might have been wondering …
How many hours did Christopher (the skateboarder in the video) practice? He must have put in so much effort and determination to learn those tricks!
If I did not give up, would I have been able to perform those different tricks and amazing flips?
It is clear from the video that Christopher has a passion for skateboarding; behind those gracefully landed tricks and flips were hours and hours of failures and injuries in which he had to show perseverance and resilience.
In the Bible, Paul lived passionately for God. Regardless of the circumstances he faced in life, Paul persevered as he invested countless hours of work and discipline in order to serve God’s purpose in his life. Although Paul was thrown into prison, his passion for God continued to burn.
“But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.” (Philippians 3:7 NIV)
There was no stopping this guy!
Take this time to reflect on your own life:
What is something that you are truly passionate about – something that can consume you for hours and hours?
What are the things that you are practicing in order to master and perfect?
For Christopher it is as simple as landing a trick.
For Paul it was preaching the gospel.
How about you?

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