Week 37: Tuesday – The Power of WE


As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

Have you ever tried to use a knife or a pair of scissors only to find that they wouldn’t cut? How did you feel? You probably felt frustrated. The problem? They needed to be sharpened!

Just as a knife that isn’t sharp isn’t productive, useful, or helpful – so it is with people. So for you to be sharpened as a person is to be ready for life. It’s to be useful, helpful, and productive in your society around you. Do you want to be useful, helpful, and productive in your life? The secret lies here.

Just as iron has the purpose of sharpening iron, so we must be intentional about sharpening one another. We need to seek those who can sharpen us and we need to intentionally seek those whom we can sharpen in life too. The purpose of all this is to help one another become complete and ready in every area of life. Jesus sets the example in Luke 2:52 “Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and in favor with both God and man.”
In other words, He grew! He was sharpened!
So the first thing you need to decide to do is this: Will I seek out relationships that will improve me?

One thing we need to understand about relationships is this – if I have an iron sword and you have an iron sword, it will never be sharpened if it isn’t in relation to one another. The sword has to be in present contact with the other swords for it to be sharpened. The same is true for us. You cannot be sharpened by another person if you aren’t together, in contact with each other, in relationship to one another. The Bible calls this – FELLOWSHIP!

So, just as you tried to cut something with a dull pair of knife or scissors, you decide sharpen the instrument and then realize, “Wow, why didn’t I do this earlier? This is great!” That’s also how it is when we experience sharpening in our lives! There’s joy that we experience when we invest our lives to sharpen each other to grow – to become more useful, capable, and ready for life!

Here are a few thoughts to think about today:
1. Who sharpens you?
2. Who are you intentionally sharpening?
3. What are you being sharpened for?

Source: http://www.sermoncentral.com


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