WEEK 39: Monday — Dreaming Through Nightmares

W39D1 BurroughsQuote


A society without dreams is a dead society.

– William Burroughs

One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever 

Genesis 39:5

Joseph somehow had a great start. He was a favored son distinguished by royalty fashion and exempted from shepherding. He was a dream receiver – a vision of prominence and influence, and a dream sharer – with an ending that does not please everybody.

Then all of a sudden, the dream unfolded as a nightmare. His envious brothers turned a murder scheme into profitable “business.” The story turned from a Joseph carrying all the hopes and dreams to a Joseph carrying chains!

Maybe the story of Joseph began with dreams to remind us that when a dream takes on our whole being, our hearts can withstand much adversity as long as we are captivated by that dream God has planted in us.

The heritage of faith we inherit is not a call for safety and security. As a matter of fact, Jesus sends us to the most difficult places at the most difficult time! It is an invitation towards uncertainty, where the only certainty is that it will be an adventure of a lifetime with God.

Have you been dreaming for your family lately? How about your community and your workplace?

To dream is to risk. If it was easy, everybody could do it. But not everybody is willing.

Are you?


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