WEEK 39: Wednesday — Dreaming Through Nightmares

W39D3 SweetQuote


The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.

– Leonard Sweet

Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I hereby put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt.” 

Genesis 41:41

More than a hundred years ago, a woman who was having trouble with the sugar addiction of her child went to a wise man for help [although it’s still be happening today, on a much larger scale!]. Upon the wise man knowing the problem, he told the mother to come back in two weeks. The mother took his advice, and after two weeks, they lined up again to seek counsel.

With much anticipation, the mother was surprised when she only heard one line of counsel. The wise man simply told the child to stop eating sweets. Curious about the two weeks, the wise man answered that up to that time, he himself was still eating sweets. He himself had to stop first before teaching others to do so.

And history remembers this wise man as Mahatma Gandhi.

Joseph’s story, interestingly, was not covered with much dialogue. We hear him talking about his dreams, rebuking Mrs. Potiphar, comforting the troubled baker and cupbearer, interpreting dreams, and giving wisdom on how to handle a wide-scale crisis. When we hear him talk, it is not to whine, but to answer a why.

Other than that, Joseph just fought for his dreams with his actions. In one of Paul’s epistles to the early churches, he reminded them then, and now us, that we are open letters read by the people around us. And they would judge us, ultimately, by what we do, and not just what we say.

When you long to share your dreams to everybody, have you talked about them by how you walk?


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