WEEK 39: Thursday — Dreaming Through Nightmares

W39D4 WoodsmanQuote


A tree is best measured when it’s down.

– Woodsman Proverb

He was thirty years old when he began serving in the court of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt.

Genesis 41:46

Just when you thought fast food service is slow, Joseph’s journey from slavery to second to Pharaoh took 13 long years!

Let’s have a rundown of what happened during that time:

  • Sibling rivalry turned brother to slave
  • Faithful service turned to being falsely accused of rape
  • Concern for others and dream interpretation turned to a friend that forgot the favor

Any one of these, among many others considering the length of time, could have led Joseph to give up on that dream. Sadly for some of us, we give up on our dreams, even if we go through less than what Joseph did.

Our faith journey is not just about trying to discover where we will end up in eternity, but also experiencing the best life God intended we could have IF ONLY we choose NOT to throw in the towel when the going gets tough.

Grand dreams come with scary nightmares. Failure, frustration, unfair treatment, betrayal, and many more. But all of these will grow dim in the light of the fulfillment of the God-dream in our hearts.

Even when you think you are already too old, 64-year old champion swimmer Diana Nyad is an inspiring story of continually chasing your dream, even if you have been very close to making it, but still failing multiple times and, even if it takes more than 30 years to happen! Here’s a part of her journey:

When the clouds begin to darken, and the break of light seems so far, let us be reminded, as with Joseph’s life, that the Lord is with us THROUGH it all. BUT do we trust the Lord THROUGH IT ALL?

The Lord is faithful BUT will we choose to remain faithful?


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